Friday, August 19, 2011

Drool.....Orly Fowl Play

Hey everyone! 
       You know sometimes Ulta surprises me. They had the Birds of a Feather collection by Orly. I've been checking out the e-tailers and had not spotted it, which surprised me. I am so glad I got this color! It was the last bottle on the shelf. Orly Fowl Play is a purple base with pink/gold/blue/red glitter flakies. 

With Flash

Without Flash
Don't be mad at me but...I am tired of all the creams in the collections for fall :\ This was a nice change of pace. I also picked up Sweet Peacock which I am also very excited to swatch for you!
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  1. Hello there I just found your blog and I love the colors that you use. do you have an email addy if we wanted to email you ?

  2. Gian- I can be contacted at Thank you for the follow!