About Me

I'm an ER nurse that loves nail polish!

I've always had some nail polish in my life. Maybe around 10-15 bottles. A couple years ago I was starting to really get into make-up. I looked at a lot of you-tube videos about it. This lead me to a you-tuber that also did videos on her nails...which lead me to Scrangie. I was a goner after reading her blog! Now my collection is in the few hundreds and I started my own blog!

I used to have horrible nails. I was a bitter and cuticle picker. When I first started to get into polish I was getting solar nails every few weeks because I was impatient to let my nails grow out. Well that became annoying and time consuming so I started the long journey to get them healthy again. They are so much better now (took about a year). I am still fighting strength and dry cuticles.

I hope you guys enjoy what I share and if you want to see anything in particular just shot an E-mail!!


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