Saturday, April 23, 2011

Revlon Black With Envy

Ah, what a great color! Revlon Black With Envy is a dark charcoal black. Word in the blog world is that this is a dupe for Chanel Black Pearl. Unfortunately, I can't justify spending 25$ on a polish. I've noticed that Chanel has raised their prices on the polish. The polish formula was a bit thick for Black Envy. If I wasn't fast enough with my brush strokes, it kinda of clumped up. I used three coats (I had to use a third coat to cover up some of the clumping) and topped with China Glaze Fast Forward.

I have been using a light box to take my pictures lately. In Iowa the weather likes to be 80 and sunny one week, then cloudy, rainy and in the 40's the next. So I have not seen the sun in a couple days....Dear sun, I miss you! Please return soon. Thank you! My blog sale is still going on. Please check it out. This is my first one and there is a ton of stuff! Until next time, Don't spill your polish:)
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  1. I had the same trouble with this polish. I love the color but application was not-so-good! :)

  2. I was thinking of adding a little bit of thinner to see if that helps.