Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

I recently tried the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri anti-chip top coat. I must say that I'm pretty impressed and it was only 5.99. The instructions say to wait two minutes after applying your nail polish and then apply the top coat. In 30 seconds your polish is supposed to be dry. My polish was definitely dry. I don't know about you guys but I can't stand waiting for my nails to dry. 30 seconds later I lightly touched my nail no fingerprint mark. Even after washing my face and eating some food (rummaging in the kitchen), no marks were to be seen. Also, after a nights sleeps the polish did not smear. The only smudge was after I hit my hand on a door, and I hit it pretty hard. I wasn't mad, figured that would have happened without the topcoat. Another thing this product advertises is superior shine and chip resistance.

Hmmm what do you think about the shine? I think it looks pretty good. About the chipping. It started to chip after 24 hours only because I was giving myself a pedicure.

Do you like the color of my nails? It is China Glaze For Audrey, from a 2008 collection.

This is supposed to be similar to the Tiffany blue. I read because of copyright that China Glaze could not actually use the color. Oh well, it still rocks!! China Glaze has some great colors and most polishes have nail hardeners in them.

I decided to paint my thumb a different color.

This is Essence Pointbreak. It is a light gray color. Somewhat muted/pastel. I really like it. Until now I did not own a color like this.
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  1. Ive got that china glaze color and it's amazing!

  2. I totally of those colors that make me looks at my nails all the time.