Thursday, July 29, 2010

I LOVE Mascara!!!!!!!!!!!

So I have been wanting to try this mascara for a couple weeks now. Being on sale at Ulta and having a 20% off card "why the heck not". It was about five bucks. If you look through my makeup, you would see a ridiculous amount of mascara. I've used some really awesome mascara and some really, really shitty (cough cough some Revlon mascara). First and foremost the claim dragged me in. Falsies!! Heck ya! Basically it's supposed to mimic false eyelashes. Next the packaging, fuschia and teal. Good combination. I love big mascara packages. I also like big wands. This wand is a little different. It is flat but wide....see picture.

Its still kind of hard to tell (I couldn't get a very good picture myself)
The color is very nice. I picked out the blackest black. Formula is a little wet when its first open. The next day it was a tad dryer (in a good way). I could coat this sucker on! It added some volume but not that much length. The "falsies" statement....well I didn't really feel like I had false eyelashes on.
Overall, I like this mascara. Its good for a drugstore product.

How cool is this hairstyle!
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