Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In another direction....

So I suck about updating this...last part of school was kicking my but....I'm going to start updating on something new. I just started my Accutane treatment for my face. I've been trying to get on this stuff for 5 years now. Finally!!! Its only been two days, so I haven't noticed anything yet though. Um let me tell you, the process getting on the stuff is a pain in the butt. I had so many pregnancy tests, it ridiculous! April 12-first prego test...negative of course. May 12-full lab work and pregnancy test. All this stuff had to be faxed from my doctors office to my derm's office. Yeah we all know the communication in the health system kinda sucks!! So labs on May 12th...I then have 7 days to get this stuff to my derm and have her fill my prescription. I called and called my lab at my doctors office on 14th...nothing....called on Monday the a hold of someone and they had no idea what I was talking about:( "I need my damn results faxed to my Derm!!!" Anywho Derm didn't get this information within the 7 day window. So she told me to go the next and get another prego test....whoops on her part, I was supposed to wait 19 days....May 31st. Well I went June 1st...and a couple hours later I had my medicine...FINALLY. PS I have to do this every month. Progo test, labs, see Derm, then get my prescription. So I'm going to update every week. Side effects, hows my face doing...blah blah blah. I know before I got the medicine I googled a lot of information on Accutane and watched a lot of Accutane diaries on You Tube to get more information.
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