Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

So this is the first thing I'm going to be reviewing! The Nars sheer glow foundation. I just bought it today so I will let you know how it goes after a couple days. I bought the color Punjab, even though I kind of liked Santa Fe better, they were out :( I'm too impatient to wait and this color was pretty darn close lol! So I'm going to wear it tomorrow when I go out for St. Patty's day and then when I work over the weekend. I'm server so I like to put makeup through what I call the 'sever test'. If it still looks pretty darn decent after running around its usually a keeper! Example being the Urban Decay eye primer potion. Holy crap that stuff saved my life lol! No eye make-up running down my face anymore. Anyways, I have bought so much stuff lately that I will do reviews on but for now good night!!
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