Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm Alive!!

Ok guys, sorry for the delay in posts. I did this little thing a few weeks ago...ya know getting married:) I was in Las Vegas for a week and it was wonderful. I've been back for two weeks but I got sick and was trying to get thank you notes done. Being a nail nut, I definitely searched for brands in Vegas that little Iowa does not have.

This beauty I have right here is Essence Can't Cheat On Me. It's a great holographic silver.

With the Essence bottles being on the smaller side I was worried about the brush being dinky and just crappy. Nope! The bristles were wonderful. It kind of reminded me of OPI pro brush.
Here's my problem. I want more! Ulta only has a small selection and its the Color and Go. Does anyone know where I can get some of their other polishes? I know they have nail art and also the magnetic polish. I would owe you a big one.

Just want to say that I am looking forward to the fall colors. Its going to be a awesome season!!

Until next time,

Don't spill you polish:)
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  1. I recently got the complete new set and 2 of the older set of Essence magnetics. The np's are really cool. The magnet has stripes on it, so depending on which way you hold it depends on if your strips run horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Pretty cool!

  2. I'm sorry about this, but I can't find anywhere to message you privately.
    I've just found your blog today and I love it! It's really cool.
    I've just started a blog of my own and I'd love it if you would subscribe. The link is:
    Hope to see you there soon!