Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Not like that guys!! Today I went to get my solar nails taken off and new ones put on. Well, I was like wow my nails are kind of long. So I had my favorite manicurist buff them all shiny like. So here they are again, my real nails. It's going to be touch and go for awhile. They are pretty thin and I had to use three coats of OPI nail envy. I'm not going to lie, I miss the durability of solar nails. I probably won't last a week lol!! I have crappy nails anyways. I think it's kind of ironic. Totally love nail polish and love doing my nails but mine suck. Ok enough about my nails....

I love Zoya! They are a fantastic company. For their summer collection they did a buy one get one free. Yeah, I picked up 14. Real quick I want to address some of the comments on Facebook after Zoya announced the promo. People were bitching galore!!! A company is doing something great and offering great promos...ALL THE TIME...Why complain? Your getting an 8$ polish for 4$ and they offered 2$ expedited shipping. Anyways...Here is Mira from the Summertime collection. Zoya describes it as 'Blue toned medium purple with dusty lavender tones and an opaque cream finish. For a muted yet colorful purple that isn't too dark'. It's not the most original but still great!



No Flash
I am still wrestling with my cuticles. I noticed at work that I pick at them when I'm irritated. Pick something up from the new Zoya collection!!
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Don't spill your polish:)
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