Friday, February 25, 2011


Okay, first I have to give props to my local Sally's. I went in to get some China Glaze Fast Forward and randomly asked if they had the Tronica collection in yet. The girl that helped me...WONDERFUL...she took me to the back room and let me pick out the colors I wanted. How nice was that. I think I said 'thank you' a million times. So lets get to a couple colors.

The first 3 fingers I have on Techo Teal, with Virtual Violet on my pointer
I was too excited to do just one color lol:)

Here is just another shot I took

Here is another angle I took to show off the colors.

I like the picture above because it shows all the different colors in the bottle.
I don't have the China Glaze OMG collection to compare these to. I've tried looking on ebay for them but they seem to be going for 15-20$ a bottle and I've even seen the whole collection going for 150-180$. Eeeekkkk. We'll see. I really liked the formula on the Tronica collection. It only took two coat to be opaque and it dried fast. I mean crazy fast, less than ten minutes. I can't wait to try the rest!!
Until next time,
Don't spill your polish:)
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