Thursday, January 3, 2013


Why whoops, well I thought I had this post set to be published a few days ago...uh no. But here it is for you now. I hope you guys are not getting sick of Pretty and Polished. Chels has been chugging out some awesome polishes! Today I have Mannequin Hands and Everybody Loves Penguin.
Your lovely bottle shots
Lets get the one that I wasn't crazy about out of the way first. Mannequin Hands is a flesh tone base with pastel pink glitter. Now all of the technical aspects were great: easy application (I only needed two coats), dried quickly, lasted three days without chipping. I just personally did not like the color against my skin tone. It gave me what I like to call lobster hands. I'm not a huge fan of pink polish so this was stepping outside the box. 
Up close and personal
Next up is Everybody Loves Penguin. It is a white base (but not bright white) with medium hex yellow glitter and black hex glitter in a variety of sizes. I really liked this one. The concept is so simple but I don't have one like this in my collection. Surprisingly I only need to use two coats. The yellow glitter came out easily but I had to work hard to get out some of the black glitter. And I went digging for treasure looking for that big black hex on my pinkie!! 
Up close and personal
It's just so cute!!

Until next time, 
Don't spill your polish:)
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