Monday, December 24, 2012

Lazy Day Manicure

Ok, I'm thinking of making this lazy day manicure into a weekly segment! Each week I'll take the manicure from the day before and try to 're-use' it. So yesterday I did a review for Lacquer Lust Snow Flurries. I spiced it up today with a little glitter from Lush Lacquer. I love my polishes from Lush Lacquer!!

First up is Winter Blues. This is a white and blue glitter with iridescent glitter scattered throughout. I think this is a classic Christmas combo. I used two coats because I wanted more coverage. 

Next is Ho-Ho-Holidays. Another classic combo featuring different sized red, white and green glitter. I think next time I might layer this over a silver so the white can pop out better. 

 Lush Lacquer polishes are like glitter bombs waiting to explode. The bottles pack the heat....I mean glitter:) They are not hard to work with but I always try and take my time so the glitter is perfectly placed. 
Hope you guys have wonderful Christmas!!

Until next time,
Don't spill your polish:)

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