Friday, December 7, 2012

My Surgery Day Manicure!

So yesterday I ended up having outpatient surgery. I had a kidney stone that would not pass. So my Doc had to scoop it out. Oh, and yes, as I'm writing this I'm slightly doped up lol. 
I didn't purposely paint my nails for the surgery. I did them Wednesday night and found out they could fit me in for my surgery Thursday morning. 

I used one coat of my favorite matte polish: Man Glaze Royal Matterimoaning, an awesome sapphire blue.

 I then used two coats of Lynnderella Once In A Blue Rune. This color came out in her Halloween collection and can be found on ebay. The glitter was very easy to spread and work with. 

Rune has cobalt holographic glitter with a hint of deep purple glitter. You can see all the different sizes and colors of glitter in the picture below. 

Ok, well I think I'm going to take a nap now. Hope you enjoyed!

Until next time,
Don't spill your polish:)
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