Saturday, December 8, 2012


Today I have a couple polishes from Pretty and Polished Mathematical collection: Peebles and My Lumps. The Mathematical collection is based off the children's show 'Adventure Time'. I totally had to google what it was because I had no idea. 

First up is Peebles, which represents Princess Bubblegum. 

Peebles is a pink squishy jelly with pink and yellow glitter. Since it is a jelly it went on sheer. I used 3 coats. The application is very easy and dries in an appropriate time. I'm not a huge fan of pink but I like this one a lot. 

Next is My Lumps which represents Lumpy Space Princess (Okay seriously? How did they come up with that lol). 

Lumps is a purple jelly with purple and gold shards. Not to be lame but this polish is actually lumpy. It can be tricky to apply. I didn't even notice the purple shards until I tried to apply it. It's a cool polish. Not my favorite of the collection but a good concept. I used three thinner coats to try and spread out the shards. 

Oh and how awesome are the new P&P labels!! Love them!

Until next time, 
Don't spill your polish:)
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