Thursday, May 24, 2012


In response to comments seen on FB and MUA regarding small indie polish companies and small nail polish web dealers....

I am sick and tired of all the shit I keep seeing on Facebook and Makeupalley. People whining and fucking bitching all the fucking time. I constantly see 'I sent you an e-mail a couple hours haven't responded'. Oh, I love when they add 'and I know you are really busy but....'. Are fucking serious, have fucking patience.  (and if you are tired of me saying the word fuck...go the fuck away). 'I placed an order last night and would like to add a polish' or 'I made two orders in the past twelve hours can you combine them and give me a discount on shipping'...can you not fucking read the polices on the website (most companies have stopped combining the shipping in these instances because it is a pain in the fucking ass). Are you blind...I have an old pair of glasses if you need them. Speaking of polices, I see these listed on websites and on Facebook. I love when I see someone ask a question that has been answered five times. It's called a fucking mouse....use it to scroll down on FB and see if you can find your answer, and if not then take that fucking mouse and use it to check the website...Can't find your answer....ah then ask. Do people not have critical thinking skills (nursing reference).

I feel 99% of the time, I never say anything...or respond to anything...but like I said...I'm tired of the bitching, whining and fucking bashing. I like this post below

'Another crash. This is absurd. I seriously spent twenty minutes logging in three times and re-entering my billing info because it apparently refused to accept that ive signed up before. And then it crashes. Please do wishlists or pre-orders - this is the second time I've lost a good chunk of time to this. Thanks.'

Hey guess what, it was 'you' who decided to waste your time. I love seeing those posts on FB 'This company sucks, I spent 2 hours refreshing'. Are you a fucking IT person? Do you know what it takes. I am not in IT but my husband is we've had some discussions on this subject. 

I like examples! Do you? 

So, my husband recently bought a video game for PC. A very popular game I might add, a little something called Diablo. He was excited (just like I am when I know I have nail mail coming). The server crashed within 10 minutes of him trying to start. This is the same fucking server that World of Warcraft uses. Fucking World of Warcraft. That's a huge game (10.2 millions subscribers....yeah I fucking googled it). Guess what, it crashed two more times in 24 hours. My husband was disappointed but he wasn't emailing the company....'I can't believe this, you wasted my life is over....wahhhhhhh!!!!'. 

Let the companies do their thing!!! To the smaller nail polish web dealers and indie polish makers....SHIT I don't know how you do. I wish FB had a bitch slap button. This whole indie polish thing is still new and growing. There will bumps and kinks along the way. I honestly believe if you have the patience you will get what you want. 

Now...The one sentence that just made my fucking blood boil, put me over the edge, and having to put 50$ in the 'no cursing jar'. I was trying to find some information on the nail boards on MUA regarding stamping and came across this little comment...

i'm wondering if she just made one last crappy batch that didn't cost her much money, sold them, and disappeared with the money.

This was on MUA and they were talking about NerdLacquer. Go fuck yourself, yep I said it! Yeah I bet she went to fucking Mexico. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING TO MAKE THOSE KIND OF STATEMENTS. 

I recently bought an indie polish. I was very disappointed with the application...I tried some things to make the formula better (haven't used it again to see if it worked). I wasn't going to say anything until I received my second order to compare. But then I got an email about 10 hours later form the seller letting me know that she knew there was a problem with the polish and offered me a refund. She fully admitted that she did not test long enough and was going to work on the formula. I got a refund for the polish AND shipping. Dude, fucking kudos to her. That took some serious balls. I commend her for that. 

Okay, I just word vommited all over my blog. I have nothing left and I won't say anything else about this matter. If you read this and want to fucking complain....Let me remind you.....I WARNED YOU IN THE TITLE!!!!!!! (Are you sure you don't want those old glasses I was talking about?). 

Until next time,
I hope some of you jackasses spill your polish all over your carpet!!!! 

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