Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review: Cult Nail Wicked Fast (Speed Dry Top Coat)

I should have done a review on this a long time ago. Cult Nails Wicked Fast is a fast dry top coat (duh wicked fast)....And it is pretty awesome! The formula is thinner than, lets say, Seche Vite. A problem I have with SV, is it being stringy.....okay and thick and cloudy and shrinks my manicure. Cults Nails doesn't have any of these problems. It leaves my mani shiny and bubble free. It doesn't have the dry time on the website but I'm comfortable doing simple tasks after about five minutes (typing for example). I liked it so much that I scraped the bottom! It's worth the 8$ and lasted me roughly 3 months. 

The only reason you may see me use SV as a topcoat in any of my posts is because I have so much of it left. I bought a big refill bottle. 
I plan on buying some more Wicked Fast in BULK! I would definitely recommend trying this. 

Until next time, 
Don't spill your polish:)
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