Monday, May 21, 2012

Ouch! SOB! Ouch! (Graphic Naked Nail Warning)

As I mentioned on my FB page, my nails became really dry because I have been painting in my house. It doesn't help that I'm a server and nurse...Constantly washing and using sanitizer on my hands. Some of my cuticles tore and I accidentally stabbed my pinkie while reaching into my purse (on a stupid bobby pin!). I decided to show you guys how I aid in the healing process (remember this is what helps ME and I just wanted to share. Everyone has their own process). 


All I use is antibacterial ointment on my torn cuticles and wrap them in band aids while I sleep. This is a prescription that I have but you can use something like Neosporin or a generic version. Simple enough and really helps. If this has happened to you, do you notice that the finger will swell? Freakin' hurts!! 

Until next time,
Don't spill your polish:)

PS: While my cuticles heal, I'm going to do a few reviews on different nail items. 
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