Sunday, September 16, 2012

First Experience: Hare Asteroid Turf

Okay, this is going to be fast....I just worked a 17 hour shift and I think I'm tired (not even sure lol!). So this is Hare Asteroid Turf. It is a green jelly base with pinkish/purplish glitter. It's awesome! I don't have anything like this in my collection. This is with three coats. 

Sorry my cuticles and my nails suck in general...the job has torn them up. 

Up close and personal 
Again I'm sorry I haven't been posting so much. I've been trying to add a watermark to my photos before I do my post but it takes me forever! I need something that I can edit/crop/add watermark and then post in less than five minutes. I'm going to go soak my hands in olive oil lol!

Until next time (hopefully soon), 
Don't spill your polish:) 

PS: The giveaway is still coming!! I got the rest of the polishes in the mail I wanted to add!! Yay!!

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